jacando Match

  • Multiposting can be deactivated once a job is set to "not public"
  • Optimizations to the access of council role

jacando Admin

  • Extra telephone numbers can now be added and displayed
  • Option to show gender in the employee list
  • Employee gender in the personal file
  • Option to remove additional supervisors during the offboarding process
  • Optimization of the tool tips in the employee list

jacando Talent

  • Option to filter by employee in the reporting
  • Comment feature in employee surveys
  • Optimization of the comment feature

jacando Time

  • Possibility to track time in hours
  • Option to grant access to reports individually

Cross System

  • Users with the role "Council" are now listed in the user management
  • Live search function in the time tracking
  • Suggetions for file formats in "Design & Layout"