jacando Match

  • Option to unlock actions for line managers as well
  • The status of the application will now be shown in the job overview
  • Changes in the line manager feedback

jacando Admin

  • Optimization of tax statements in the expenses
  • Expense templates are only visible to the creator
  • Changes of messages with read confirmation
  • Option to hide birth date in the personal file
  • The column "Department" in the employee list can changed individually
  • Holiday accounts can be deleted in the absence management
  • More than 2 field can be calculated in the list reporting now

jacando Talent

  • Option to view target agreements in the year overview
  • Option to enhance bonus calculation through custom fields
  • Option to create and view target agreements in sections
  • Telephone numbers can now be reported in the list reporting

jacando Time

  • Alphabetical sorting of list reporting
  • Optimization of the fire list in the time dashboard
  • Addition to the API for project and tast creation

Cross System

  • Security question when trying to delete a user
  • Optimization to the reminders in task creation
  • QR-Codes for stationary time tracking can now be generated in the admin account
  • Regular users can now make changes to their calendar

Photo source: https://bit.ly/2SxScWn