To start a applicant survey you first need to create a template in your Admin-Account.

Click on the Templates tile in your Admin-Account.

Here you select Surveys for applications in the icon panel and then click on Add new survey.

In the following window you can fill out your survey and add questions via the dropdown menu. Finish your template by clicking Save.

Once you have saved your template you can switch back to your HR-User Account and select the job in which you want to start a survey.

In the job view select the person you want to survey and then click on Message history. You can find the surveys window on the right hand side. To add a survey click on the + icon

In the following window you can name your survey, select a template and a date, as well as assign a person responsible. To send this survey click OK. The applicant will subsequently receive an Email with a link to the survey. You will be notified as soon as the survey has been completed.