Where do I find the sources of applications?

You will find them in your job posting. Go to the jacando Match Dashboard and select the job where you want to see the sources.

In the applicant profile you will find the More information tab. The source is listed in the Personal Data section of your applicant.

Source Connection

Usually, the system automatically tracks the source of an application. Let's assume a potential applicant finds your job posting via google. The system will then recognize google as the source and will list it accordingly. Should the applicant find and apply on a posting via xing, the system will list xing as the source.

The exceptions to this pattern are applications that you enter manually. Click on the add application button next to your job title.

The following window has a box called Application source where you can enter the source of your application manually. If you do not know the source of the application use the switch button Unknown source. This will result in "Offline application" being listed as the source.