jacando match

  • Adjustment of applicant status via the message window
  • Links, e-mail addresses or images can be used within messages
  • Improved document administration for applications
  • Use of clear windows for the phase shift in applications
  • Simplified search for more suitable jobs for current applications
  • Status changes to applications can be viewed directly

 jacando Admin

  • Revising the list of employees to improve clarity
  • Use of departments and cost centers in the employee list
  • Ability to define default values for the automated absence management (for example, annual leave or value from the personnel record)
  • Correction posting is possible within the absence management
  • Overview of birthdays and anniversaries has been improved
  • Employees can be given access rights to defined areas of personnel records

jacando talent

  • Extension of the target agreement by approval release process
  • Overview of status for target agreements and employee surveys

System overlapping

  • Use of individual password rules
  • Integration of external persons (eg freelancers) into internal workflows
  • Improved user administration for the administrator
  • Security update
  • Use of MS Word templates (including placeholders) possible in entire tool (contract creation, official letters, cancellation letters)

Imagesource: https://www.myswitzerland.com/de-ch/fiesch-eggishorn-wallis.html