Message to one applicant

In the jacando match, you can write messages to your applicants. To do so, click on the overview in the match. Then you will get an overview of your job offers.

Select the location where you want to send the message.

The overview of the site opens, in which you first click on the settings in the upper right corner.

In addition to the column requirements, select external channels, and other functions, you will also find communication with applicants. Select this button.

You can now choose from various message types. There are, for example, cancellations which you can send to individual applicants or to several applicants.

After the selection of the message type you will also see templates which you can select and send.

If you want to send a message to individual applicants, select "Message: individual applicants" in the selection. Now you can select the applicant from a list and send him a message by clicking on the button "message" from templates. You can also send a personality test directly.

Message to many applicants

If you want to send the same message to several applicants, you do not have to choose each applicant individually. The jacando system has the possibility to send mass messages. To do this, you must select the job with the desired applicants and switch to the job settings using the button Settings.

Go to the Communication tab with applicants and select the group to which the e-mail should be sent.

You can then select the message from your templates, determine the day on which the mail should be sent, and send the mass message.

The three options for cancellations are explained as follows:

Cancellations: Remaining applicants: all non-selected applicants will be canceled.

Cancellations: Candidates who have not yet been invited: All applicants will be canceled.

Cancellations: Individual applicants: You can select which applicants to send a cancellation via a checkbox.