You will find instructions for admin-users further down below.

There are two ways to export applicants' data. Either export job-related data via jacando Match or export data globally as admin-user.


As HR-User pick the designated job in the jacando match dashboard.

Then click the button Settings.

Afterwards click on the More functions tab and select Export data from the dropdown menu.

In the dropdown menu you can select all the data you want to export. The data will then be ready to download as an excel file.


The button Export data is right on your admin-user dashboard.

In the Match tab you can export applicants' data, jobs and application documents.

In the Admin tab you will find employee data, data changes, holiday accounts and the absence overview. Here you can select for which company you want to export the data.

In the Talent tab you can export employee surveys and target agreements. To do so choose from the dropdown menu and click Export data. The slider let's you decide whether you want the export as an excel or pdf file.