The applicant profile is divided into six tabs: Summary, Matching, Message history, Comments and Feedback, Appointments and More information.


In the first tab you will find the summary and and overview of the matching.


In the Matching tab you will see the evaluation of an applicant in relation to your requirements. You can find out how an applicant fits for related positions by clicking on the related profiles button. Additionally, you might want to check the results of the personality test in the lower right hand corner.

Message History 

As the tab already suggests, your conversations with the applicant will be documented here.

Comments and Feedback

In the Comments and Feedback tab you will find the feedback of line managers, pending evaluations and internal comments.


All the past and future appointments with an applicant are listed here.

More information

Under More information you can get further insight of former applications and more personal data of the applicant.

The Action button hosts actions for three different themes.

Application phases

To hire an applicant click Hire. You can also mark an applicant as invited, dismissed or withdrawn.


Under the Administration tab you can make appointments, add documents, export data or combine application documents.


Under Communication you can request evaluations from line managers.

If you want to contact the applicant you can do so via Messages. You can choose between Invite, Dismiss, General and Personality test.