To get to the job view, click on the desired job position on the dashboard.

By clicking on Applications on the dashboard, all applicants for the selected job position will be displayed. The settings for this job position can be managed using the Settings button on the right.

Define requirements:
If you want to subsequently change the matching requirements go to Settings --> Define requirements.

Select external channels:
The options for multiposting are individually designed for each customer. The multicasting of a job is possible on over 300 job exchanges in more than 130 countries.

Communication with applicants:
With the function Communication with applicants, you can send mass dismissal and mass messages to the applicants of a job.

You can send mass dismissal and mass messages quickly in a few steps: Select a template, complete the text, and click Dismiss.

Delete job:
If you want to delete an advertised job, click on More functions, choose the tab Delete job and click on Submit.

Hide Job:
You can hide a job, if you don`t want to advertise a job anymore, if you want to fill a job internally or through the job search.

Export data:
The data of the applicants for a job can be exported as an XML file.

Offline applications:
The Offline application function allows you to integrate a traditional postal application or an application received by e-mail into the jacando system.

Applicants view:
Click on the tab Applicant view in the drop-down menu to see the advertise job from applicant perspective.

Export job posting:
Here you can export the job as a PDF file.