You can use the button Create job to add new jobs. See jacando Match -> Dashboard -> Create job.

Here you can create new jobs.

Should you already have a similar job position you can create a copy and alter it to your liking.

Basic information:
Here you can define the following information for the new job:

  • Job Description
  • Job Title
  • Workload
  • Adress

You can select several addresses for each job.

The Extract job description button allows you to insert the text description of a PDF or Word document.

Once you have clicked the Extract Job Description button, you can select the appropriate file.

You can select line managers (supervisors) and recruiters for the new job. 

You can decide whether or not individual applications are released to line managers.

In the settings tab you can determine which documents you expect from an applicant.
Further settings for the job can also be made.

To receive more information please click on the information icon (small i in a circle).

Here you can add company descriptions, information texts, header and footer (if defined as templates) to the job description.

Create template:
Once all the details and settings have been made, you can add the application to your templates using the Save as template button. This template is available when you create the next job.